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Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment to explore individual needs and issues.

Anxiety can take the form of worrying thoughts, bodily sensations and feelings.

Stress is the body’s normal response to adversity, presenting itself in both positive & negative forms.

Individuals may experience difficulties in their current relationships stemming from deeper issues.

A common experience, involving a negative mood change that tends to persist.

Individuals can experience traumatic events in their life, leaving a lasting impact.

Low self-esteem can affect people in their career, social relationships, life stress and life satisfaction.

A normal response that people may experience due to loss or significant life change. 

Anger is a feeling state which results when a person feels under threat.

Many individuals are able to take part in activities which involve risk and potential reward.

Our Aim is to

Promote self-awareness, empowerment & growth for adults & adolescents in Sydney's Inner West Community.

We utilise a range of

Therapeutic Approaches

Our Practitioners utilise several therapeutic approaches to address your behaviour & thought patterns.