People are often anxious about what to expect. Our job is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so you can explore your concerns in a way that is right for you. Making you feel safe and comfortable is our first priority. Our psychologists will then use that session to explore your background and history with a view to understanding your story.

Individuals are able to claim medicare rebates when they are referred by their GP under a MHCP. Rebates are processed by the practice.

Individuals will need a referral to claim the medicare rebate. However individuals can simply self-refer and come at their discretion without a formal referral.

Each individual is unique in their strengths and issues. For most it may take 6-10 sessions and some may take less or more time depending upon their issues and how it is impacting upon their life.

Psychologists are bound to maintain privacy and confidentiality in their work. Psychologists are required to communicate progress with the clients referring GP. All communication needs to be with the consent of the client within the boundaries of privacy and confidentiality.

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